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Larens Choice Magazine 



Dutch lifestyle magazine. Choose for strength, happiness and health.

Online discovery journey to inner strength, health and happiness.


The World Health Organization (WHO 1948) definition is: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or other physical defects.


At this time, it is very timely that we pay more attention to health. 



Target Group


80% between the ages of 25-55, mostly HBO/WO. Are in development to explore the new world are curious about this. This group is searching the internet and feel a need to see this information clustered together. The usual magazines are no longer satisfactory because they do not provide enough information. This group is busy becoming aware of themselves and the world around them. Personal development plays an important role.  


Issues such as meaning, what makes me happy, how do I get peace in my head and how can I contribute to a better world.


It is now known that this group also has expectations that his/her employer is involved in this. This group also looks at the products they buy, thinks about their means of transportation, way of vacationing to their food. The Vegan lifestyle is very much on the rise in this target group. 


Promotional activities


Media attention: newspapers, glossy magazines and online news

Distribution of posters at GPs, supermarkets and schools / HBO/WO

LC logo with link on various websites

Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

Sports schools


Nationwide and Dutch across the border and USA. Extra attention in Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Zuid, Utrecht, Laren, Blaricum, Bilthoven, Bloemendaal and a number of most sustainable municipalities including Houten.



Editorial articles/ possibility to advertise or editorial attention possible for companies that fall within one of the following categories


Electric bicycles, scooters and cars

Solar panels, heat pumps, insulation etc.

Vegetarian butcher(s), products, vegetable brands

Oatly and other animal milk/dairy substitutes

Healthy food / drinks

Sports equipment and related clothing

Feel good books

Kitchen & cooking equipment

Nature, outdoor travel/activities with related clothing

Houseplants, ventilation systems, skylights

Sustainable businesses

Healthy meals from home

Ecological supermarkets or healthy meals from supermarkets

Health products, blood pressure monitors, scales, supplements, Polar, Fitbit, protein powders

Sailing yachts, electric boats sale and rental

Bedroom furniture and good sleep items/ clothing/ bedding/ lighting/ sleep robot/ earphones/ resources/ snoring supplies

Home improvement, office supplies, computers, furnishings, home beautification, dormer, make extra room, additions etc.

Bringing the missed industries into the home? The hair salon (hair clippers) the beauty salon ( at home waxing, tweezing, eyebrow tinting etc. Massage parlor: massage equipment, oil, gloves, etc. Gym: equipment, pilates bands etc. Making nail salon at home. 



Items of interest




This page is a decoy to the site via strong SEO. In this way, eco outsiders also come to the site. Besides, everyone who belongs to the "coming good" also likes nice things, however relatable they may be. The sub-title is:This is the decoy box. "You always have to find the opposite to get to the precious." 



Thank you


This page is open to all businesses. This gives the company an elevator. Appearance to customers is positive. Companies show in any case: "we care & we share". 




The Hotspot page features cities with their nice addresses that fit within the image of LC. At Hotspot 't Gooi participants can already be seen.




All aspects that play an important role are highlighted. For example, in the context of movement, various ways are suggested for inspiration. Both in and outdoors. Topical here is Yoga, fitness.







Interesting news and motivation videos for companies. Distinctive entrepreneurs in the spotlight. 




Everything about food, drink and the food sector in general.




All products or services that promote sustainability in any area.


Weight loss


Weight management is a topical item within a healthy lifestyle. All related responsible products or services can be highlighted here. No slimming pills.



Where can be promoted with corresponding price ex VAT


Thank You

Per month € on request

Per year € on request


Hot Spot

Per month on request

Per year € on request


Logo on page of choice

Per month on request

Per year € on request


Name of brand processed in text in/under existing editorial article

Per year € on request


Editorial attention

Per year € on request incl. separate page, own SEO and placement on Instagram


When choosing 2 items 20% discount, 3 items 30% discount.


Surcharge for link 30%




Larens Choice, an online magazine about your makeable future! 

Hip and trendy, are you ready for change?


Do you have a dream?

Larens Choice, a magazine about choices. Because that is what we have to deal with every day. How to make the best choice to reach your dream. Do you know what your dream is? It is striking that these issues are often not discussed at school or at home. We learn history at school but who teaches the subject of the future? 


The new living and working of tomorrow

Sustainability and working at home are the new words that we need to turn into successful deeds. How to create the ideal world at home.


Your body, your most important (t)home

People are always busy making their house beautiful but the most important house is your body. Anti-aging medicine is the most growing market and a topical item in Larens Choice. There are many scientists moving around in this magazine.


Losing weight and working on your immune system

Themes such as losing weight, sleeping well, feeling happier, thinking differently and exercising are covered. Striking scientific research but also meditation, the Wim Hof ice-bath method and many motivation videos are covered. 


Online Shopping Mall

In Larens Choice you will find only the best products that fit your feel-good action. So think of the best home sports equipment, health, anti-age and skin care, feel good books, products for a good night's sleep, meditation podcasts and the smartest kitchen stuff to make special and healthy recipes at home.


Online Campus

All these topics can be found in Larens Choice where there is also a real campus hidden. The year 2020 has woken up many people. Awareness plays an important role in this. 


On a journey to the new world

Larens Choice is a voyage of discovery to tomorrow. A new step, a new beginning, a new world. Happiness can be made. What does the future look like for the climate, tillage, solar energy, ways of living, working, medical development, travel, food, farms, what can we do with fuel, the manure surplus and on an inter-religious level? In Larens Choice you will find innovative ideas and thoughts that inspire you to make a new choice for yourself as well. Because tomorrow is the first day of your life. What does your life look like?


A door to change opens when we choose it ourselves. Welcome to the happy few.

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