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Not everything what go's in, got out!

Why do we need food? You know that! For energie and build up your body. When you build a house you buy good stuff isn't it so? Yeah, and the full in your car, oh also important! And yourself how about that? Do you realize that your body is your most important home and means of transport. You are so dizzy with nice clothes and a fat car. Hmmm it looks so much better when you are in good shape and most of all the whole world looks better when you are the Ferrari yourself! 

So do not hesitate, start now! And do not tell me " I am buzzy" because when you eat less you got more time know and in the future. You don't have to visit your doctor so much or even worse the hospital!

The only thing you need is discipline. You know you can, you have that power! Find it now in yourself and start today!

Red Chili Pods
Verse salade
Kom van Bessen
Frisse groene salade met feta
kampvuur Meal
Verse groenten in de mand
Pink Lemon
Meisje Dat Push-Ups
groene gezondheid
Vlees en kaas
Vrienden die Diner
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