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The Self is so powerful. Realize this power. You are divine so that you can go through difficult times and still laugh. People sit and pray. In all religions. What happens. We make ourselves stronger. A feeling of being enlightened. Don't worry about it. Go through it with a smile. People lie awake sometimes. That makes it even more difficult. Let it go. Let it go. It'll pass. We worry about everything. About people we love and hate. Life is like a fryer. Don't jump into it.  You can't escape. There is a secret that is described in Gitta. Krisna said; fight the war and win the kingdom in yourself 


Fight the war means: Be in the world. Don't run away from it, with all its obstacles. And nothing is permanent in this world. Nothing is forever. We even ask our loved one. Do you want to be with me forever? Those who ask know that no one is forever. He or she doesn't either. Or do you want the pleasure to last forever? Nothing is forever on earth, pleasure is not but also misery is not.


Everything exists through contrasts


If someone only knew misery then you would not experience this as misery because you do not know the contrast. That's why the enormous feeling of pleasure is only short-lived. In fact, often the pleasure from, for example, sex and material things is later experienced as pain. Try to enjoy it but don't force it into life. Don't chase it. But be in life itself. In your Self. And share your self. Be with me. Be in this beautiful world, aware of the not permanent and take a master in your heart.


The world is not always easy for you, but that centers you again


The people around you can also disappoint you. Or you have raised the children almost your whole life but they don't behave the way you would like them to. Then you feel pain. You feel the fryer again. Or your loved one says something unkind. You break inside. But at the same time you become centered towards yourself again. Only dis-passion can bring you back to your self. This does not mean that you are not allowed to have passion, but the anti-passion brings your mind back to the center within you. You are then at home. That is meditation. Meditation takes your mind (which normally flies in all directions) back home, the house within you. The house within you is in your heart. That is what we call your source, Rada. Dara means a flow, a flow. The mind flows out. Rada is back to the source. Everyone longs, the longing for the source. The self.


If you're just busy having fun in the future then you're frustrated in the present


If you only take action for the fruit then the action becomes weak. While if you feel like you are "giving up" the fruit, you just do it and you are living in the moment that makes you feel fertile right now. The action itself will already take you further. Release the fruit.


When you think of someone you love very much, what does that do to you?


You get a nice and happy feeling inside. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you think about someone you don't like? The opposite happens. The feeling becomes unpleasant. Because you hate someone you will plant a negative seed in yourself. And you start to look like the one you hate. That is why you should never hate anyone. If you like a flower, the flower will not become more beautiful. If you think the flower is ugly it will not change. It is only your mind that makes you beautiful or ugly.


*The God is within you


If you praise God in heaven in your prayer, God will not think o I get a compliment. No he won't feel praised. He's really not that stupid. He won't be happier because of your slime. It's about your complete feeling. The authenticity. 

Value all aspects of life. Embrace even discrimination. Without discrimination there is no freedom. Use discrimination to see and aim for freedom and you will grow. If you use the dark side of discrimination you will shrink.


* There is the God instead of God because there is not a certain God meant here but more the goodness in yourself. Source: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is interreligious, so does not adhere to a certain faith but draws wisdom from every faith. That is why it would be nice if every school would give interreligious lessons.

Suicide is never the solution, because then you jump into the deep fryer. Do self-study, observe. What happens in my body. Our body is actually hollow and empty. We only consist of a very small package, 98 percent of our body is made of space. We are made of sound. The sound was the first thing there was. Veda. Sound is the seed of creation. Sound is of great value. Divine originated from it. When you don't see the divine in the form you are not able to feel the divine in the formless.

All you do in your life is deal with fixed matters, forms. In order to come more to the formless wherever we are, we will have to let go of more. Head empty, heart full and hands busy. This is also called the state of Yoga.

Bron: H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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