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Mind Power


Anything could happen to everyone.  The same thing can happen to you. It is the choice we make how we feel about it. It is not just luck, but what you belief. "JR"

What if you will start today with

  • Stop talking and thinking negative

  • Do not judge about anything

  • Say thank you for the good things in your life

  • Don't look back. You never can change the situation, bad people or the world. You only can change yourself. Be flexible, go with the flow and smile. You will be happy

So you can make the choice, cry or smile. The situation will not change. If you smile and belief, tomorrow will be nicer and your future even better. Use your power!

Yoga klas
Meditatie aan zee



Meditation is a moment of silence. The silence in which there is also no thought. You have to practice it. Like sports, you build it up. First you succeed for a minute and then you succeed for longer. If you do think of something, think of a cloud. Your thought goes away with the cloud. Why is meditation important? Stopping your thoughts for a moment means that you can recharge your inner battery. You can also stop stress thoughts. Then there is room for positivity. You are actually sweeping your sidewalk. 





Breathing can be done on autopilot. Fine, you just keep living. Mm yes just. Because you can learn to breathe particularly well. You get a huge oxygen boost in your body. You also become calmer inside when you learn to breathe consciously. Try taking deep breaths in and out during a walk. You will feel better immediately! Now take it a step further for an amazing feeling of happiness!  

Meisje Ontspannen
Stadsgezicht in Amsterdam

Dutch geluk


Dit is het Nederlandse gedeelte over geluk. De Engelse versie komt er ook nog zeker aan. Het zijn wijsheden van psychologen en meesters in geluk. In dit gedeelte zal je zeker een stukje geluk vinden. Tenminste het recept. Je moet het nog wel zelf doen!

This is the Dutch section on happiness. The English version is definitely coming as well. They are wisdom from psychologists and masters of happiness. In this section you will definitely find a piece of happiness. At least the recipe. You still have to do it yourself!

Feestvierders op fiets
Moderne slaapkamer met donkere muur

Sleep well


Sleeping well is an important part of happiness. How do you do it? 

Getting up and going to sleep the same time.

Limit alcohol.

Don't eat anything for several hours before going to sleep. These are practical tips. Now you see how all aspects for happiness are connected. A calm mind is also important for sleeping well. So meditating again helps. There are also interesting sleep videos you can watch.


Slaap van de vrouw
Listening to Music



In addition to these inspirational videos, you can find great podcasts on iTunes. For these, the excuse "I don't have time for that" does not apply. You can listen while walking, cleaning or whatever you do. The Dutch Michael Pilarczyk is exactly the man you are looking for if you don't like soft talk. Just make sure you start at #1. You get the same atmosphere and input from Tony Robbins, also highly recommended!



Naast deze inspirerende video's kun je op iTunes fantastische podcasts vinden. Hiervoor is het excuus "daar heb ik geen tijd voor" niet van toepassing. Luisteren kan tijdens het wandelen, schoonmaken of Whatever you do. De Nederlandse Michael Pilarczyk is precies de man die je zoekt als je niet houdt van soft gelul. Let even op dat je bij #1 begint. Dezelfde sfeer en input krijg je van Tony Robbins, ook zeker een aanrader!

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Mindfulness is often defined as 'consciously giving attention to the moment, without judging' (Kabat-Zinn, 1991[1]). This definition refers to the ability to be attentive to thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and the physical environment in an acceptable way, without judging whether something is right or wrong. In this way one learns to consider (negative) thoughts and feelings as transitory events instead of facts, so that they can more easily distance themselves from them.

(s) Jon Kabat-Zinn, Full catastrophe living. Dell Publishing (1991), pp. 467. ISBN 0385303122, 9780385303125.


Mindfulness wordt vaak gedefinieerd als ‘het bewust aandacht geven aan het moment, zonder hierover te oordelen’ (Kabat-Zinn, 1991[1]). Deze definitie verwijst naar het vermogen om opmerkzaam te zijn van gedachten, gevoelens, lichamelijke sensaties en de fysieke omgeving op een accepterende manier, zonder te oordelen of iets goed of fout is. Daarmee leert men om (negatieve) gedachten en gevoelens te beschouwen als voorbijgaande gebeurtenissen in plaats van feiten, zodat zij hier gemakkelijker afstand van kunnen nemen.


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