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The Gut Mother

A  M  S  T  E  R  D  A  M .  B L A R I C U M .  L A R E N

Bites & Delights

Live your life as in the blue zone

A journey through the Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, special berries, seeds, nuts, honey, bone broth, herbs, fruits and vegetables with their strong health benefits. Fish, chicken and less red meat but when you eat it make it special. I show you fermentation discoveries; sauerkraut, black garlic, kimchi, (aqua) kefir, ginger bug, wine, beer, kombucha! And I will not forget the most powerful gift of nature; mushrooms. Results; a great microbiome, a great body & mind!


 Jacqueline Rosenberg

Good food will change your life​ in every way




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